Saturday, August 30, 2014

How GREAT is our God

I am reading Break Out! by Joel Osteen. How great is our God! How and why can I keep Him in my little box? I am my third time through. I still can't seem to unlatch the box.
(Photos used are from the Hubble Telescope :
  • X" Structure at Core of Whirlpool Galaxy • M51
  • Whirlpool Galaxy • M51
  • Giant star-forming nebula with massive
    young stellar clusters • NGC 3603
  • Largest spiral galaxy known Galaxy  • NGC 6872 
  • Eagle Nebula

And if you really want to see something awesome...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lacy Heart

Great pick-me up

I just made my own "jamocha" shake. I love my Nutribullet. I put about a quarter cup of this morning's coffee (even better if you freeze it ahead of time), a squirt of chocolate syrup, a quarter cup of powdered milk, and about 6-8 ice cubes. Inverted onto the Nutribullet and spin. Comes out almost frozen with a whipped foam on top.