Friday, May 15, 2020

Mascara for longer, fuller eyelashes-How to find the right one for you

“The eyes are the windows to an individual’s soul.

Eyes are the first part of your face that people notice. They send messages of your emotions and how you genuinely feel deep down inside. There is just something about them; maybe the mystery that radiates from them draws people’s attention towards them.

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How you beautify your eyes can make or break the look you want.

Avon True Color SuperShock Volumizing Mascara

Having beautiful and tantalizing eyes is truly an asset. Whenever you put on your eye makeup, your aim should always be to make your eyes look brighter. Your eye makeup should make your eyes stand out among the other features of your face.

If you are the type who doesn’t wear any eye make-up, I believe that even without eye shadow or liner, the simple application of mascara can make your eyes look more alluring and attractive.

What’s the Best Mascara for Me?

Find your flutter tool.

Lash out with the perfect combination of brush and formula.

If you decide to use mascara decide on what type will be most suited for you

  • Mascara extends the length of your eyelashes and makes them appear thicker. The market has different types of mascara that you could choose to use.
  • You may opt for a water-proof kind or the water-soluble one. The water-soluble mascara may be removed without even the use of a make-up remover. The water-proof kind would be most suitable for those who would be engaged in water sports or for actors who need to look their best in front of the camera without make-up smudging their faces when they need to cry for a scene.
  • Different mascaras also cater to different needs like you can find types that thicken and broaden your lashes among others.
  • Select a shade of mascara that complements your coloring. Dark shades on pale eyes with brown lashes will darken them and will look harsh. Stay away from blues and other colors since they will ruin your look.

Proper application of mascara on them will do a lot in making your eyes pop

The Love Complex™ Formula helps to both strengthen and condition your lashes for a flawless flutter.
  1. Lashes that are hard to curl may need the help of an eyelash curler. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara – hold for ten to twenty seconds.
  2. Look straight into your mirror with your chin slightly lifted so you can see your lashes.
  3. Put just enough mascara and wipe away excess mascara from the applicator before putting it to your lashes so that your lashes will not clump together. Insert the wand only once and twist, don’t pump. Pumping can break the brush bristles and distribute the mascara unevenly and will dry out the mascara faster.
  4. Start by rolling the wand from root to tip in an upward motion.
  5. Reinsert the brush and apply again.
  6. If your eyelashes are thick and long they may clunk together. If this happens let them dry and then separate them with the corner of an eyebrow brush.


Mascara frames your eyes and can make your face come alive. Mascara softly accentuates the eye while thickening and darkening the lashes; it is the finishing touch for eyes.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Easter Reads for Young Children

Did you know that Easter is just around the corner? April 1. No Fooling. Select some fun reads for your toddler or preschooler. My favorite is the Peter Rabbit series by Beatrix Potter. #Affliate links
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Here's the rest of my list:

Tomie Depaola's Book Of Bible Stories
Lamb, Duck and Bunny Board Books Set
Jan Brett's The Easter EggPaw Patrol Count on Eater Pups
and my new favorite, Here Comes the Easter Cat

Remember to Keep Reading Short, Simple, and Often

  • Toddlers frequently have shorter attention spans than babies. Look for text that is short and simple. Read a little bit, several times a day.
  • Choose books about everyday experiences and feelings. Your child will identify with the characters as they dress, eat, visit, nap, and play. Board books are great for this.

Sing, Read, Repeat. 

  • Read favorite stories and sing favorite songs over and over again. 
  • Repeated fun with books will strengthen language development and positive feelings about reading.

Monday, October 17, 2016

How to Trap a Ghost OR How to find a scary story in the Library using Destiny's OPAC

     My students start begging for the scariest stories I have as soon as the calendar is turned over to October. So, I wrote a lesson plan with a Ghost Buster hook that would teach the students how to use Destiny's OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog- from Follett Corporation).
The demonstration is presented with a power point containing screen shots. We then move into some live searches using the projected computer screen. The students take turns testing their brainstormed terms and locate a book. The student's exit slip is the completed Ghost Trap/call slip with the successful term used. The terms will be added to a mini poster that will stay near the OPAC stations to assist others in later searches.

 You can access my PowerPoint here.

You can access my Ghost Trap/Call Slip activity sheet and mini poster here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Yellow Jacket Ensemble

"These pants are PERFECT. They look sharp and well fitted, even though the waist has comfortable give," says J. Elliot. Briggs New York Women's All Around Comfort Pant forms the base of this fresh collection. The pants are 63% Polyester, 33% Rayon, 4% Spandex with a hidden elastic comfort waist--Everyone will notice and no one will know. The classy short sleeve smart office cotton shirt blouse with a textured line. The front is an open V, then does up with white pearl effect buttons. The short cap sleeve is gathered with a puff effect and matching button. The front has gather detail at the top buttons. This is a fitted style with seams front and back is flattering on any figure. The lightweight V Neck fine knit cardigan adds a casual trendy look. No outfit like this is complete without the Anne Klein Women's Fairlee Suede Dress Pump--classic with flair as it is trimmed with gold-tone and a lovely bow at the toe. Coordinate these with the Scarleton Quilted Patent Satchel, a classic and elegant purse. Beautifully made, the high quality finishes are perfectly complimented by the charming patent leather bow for a distinctive style. Accessorize with the simple, stunning, elegant, natural and classic. 18K Yellow gold plating over brass, double strands necklace decorated with labradroite stones.Pair this with stunning unique black onyx dangle earrings--handmade in South America. and a lovely cuff watch completes the look. You can find of of these at the new "What's not to Wear" department in the TCS The Coffee Shoppe.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We've been practicing Feel The Joy (Mark Condon) for church. Join us at The Well if you can.